Our Story

Professional Horticulturists, Nature Enthusiasts: 

Flower Child Plants is a multi-service Texas based company established in 2011.  The concept behind Flower Child Plants is to be environmentally focused, while providing an efficient service and art that meets customers’ needs. We currently service the Dallas area.

Our utmost goal is to share the love of nature through horticulture. With our garden services and art, we promise to show you a new perspective on urban gardening that will inspire you.


Garden Services

We offer specialty garden services in Dallas, Texas. Our passion for the environment is evident in our design and horticultural practices. Flower Child Plants creates dynamic outdoor spaces by using Texas natives, edibles, with complementary annual and perennial color. 

Botanical Oddities

Flower Child Plants creates unique botanical art with the environment in mind. We love creating planters, terrariums, jewelry and other oddities with hand gathered and vintage materials. You can see our art by visiting us at our next pop up shop or at our shop page.