Cynthia Koogler:

Cynthia has been surrounded by plants and nature for all of her life and naturally began working at her hometown nursery, Mansfield Nursery, at the age of 17. After being inspired by the joy of what plants and nature can bring, she began her coursework at Tarleton State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture Business in August 2012 making this her lifetime career. 

Cynthia previously worked at North Haven Gardens specializing in custom containers and terrariums. After leaving North Haven Gardens, Cynthia began working at the Dallas Arboretum as a Horticultural Supervisor. At the Arboretum she maintained the Paseo De Flores, an annual color garden with over 80 seasonal containers and other seasonal events such as the Fall at the Arboretum. In November 2014, Cynthia took the entrepreneurial leap and left the Dallas Arboretum in order to focus on Flower Child Plants.

So you may be wondering, "What is a Flower Child anyways?" I know what you’re thinking, that I must be some tree hugging hippie...well you couldn't be more right. Really, I think of being a Flower Child as a state of mind, a consciousness, in regard to the environment.