OUR portfolio

We have had the opportunity to design, freshen, and maintain many properties, both residential and commercial in various neighborhoods in Dallas. We focus on small urban properties, patio gardens, terraces, and garden containers. Take a minute to look around our portfolio and step into the beauty that could be your future landscape.

NOrth Haven Gardens

If you shop at North Haven Gardens, then you most likely have seen us in action. Since 2015 we have been designing, planting and maintaining areas in their landscape. We have a variety of garden styles on their property including perennial, annual, pollinator and water wise gardens.

hollywood heights 

Creating small spaces is our specialty. We dry stacked this small boulder edge and conditioned the existing soil to create a foundation for a successful small seasonal and perennial planting.

preston Hollow 

We have been creating and maintaining containers and annual plantings at this lovely home in Preston Hollow since 2013. We change the containers and beds out twice per year and keep things looking beautiful with our Specialty Garden Program.

White Rock- Courtyard Pool Garden

From weeds to wonderful! We reconditioned the soil and installed a cottage design with woodland and hardy tropical features. The pool's edge has a mix of plants that tolerate reflective heat well and soften the edge. Our client says it's a life size faerie garden!

University Park- Perennial and Annual Container Garden

Shady container garden looks great with hardy perennials and shrubs with complimentary color, both annual and perennial. Using perennials and shrubs in containers reduces input needs from season to season. 

Plano- Japanese woodland Garden

This is one of our favorite estate gardens that we visit regularly. We install new plants, fertilize, over seed grass, and manicure by hand each month. It has a wide mix of plants, both annual and perennial, that offer Japanese and woodland flare.